Wednesday, June 23, 2010

one of the best night ever

yesterday, me and my boyfriend went to pim, he went there with his fam, cause his mommy wanna see me but I'm not ready yet haha and finally I couldn't met his family because his fam were watched a movie. while his fam watched a movie we decided to watch a movie too, we watched karate kid the movie was funny, exciting and sad. I cried and my boyfriend laughed at me -_- and then and the adventure begins...(?) I felt super duper hungry and we decided to go to the foodcourt suddenly i lost my wallet! Whatta heart attack. I cried, abshar helped me to search my wallet while I asked to the guard at xxi, and finally i found my wallet! haha I'm very very very glad and I called abshar to told him that I was found my wallet haha ;p and he ruffled my hair, and said "you should be grateful.." haha, finally we ate, when we ate he told me about his dream, his dream is really freak haha but I like the way he talked. haha capek ah pake english oke abis itu kita kan bingung mau kemana yaudah kita photobox deeh haha sebenernya abshar gak mau tapi aku dia yang semangat jadinya, so this is it:

haha guenya aib abis, abis itu kita pulang deeeeeh~ selesaaai hahahaha
sorry for my bad english

woke up from my looooong hibernation

Hey long time no see ya, i miss ya! do you miss me too? oh i hope so :p my sister's blog is active again, and i wanna be like her's haha her blog is really damn cool! *i hope my sister never read this one* so i'll posting blog again and my boyf supported me too haha, sooooo hello blogspot!
but now my blog changed from the kingdom of lalaiueo maison
its mean my home!

sorry for my bad english ._.